Our event spaces

The event spaces are located right in the heart of Bratislava –  just a jump from Michalska Gate. Take advantage of the charming atmosphere of Bratislava’s Old Town, which is easily accessible and its well-known location will be appreciated by every guest.

In the historic building of Dom Michalská Brána, you will be enchanted by the pleasant atmosphere of the original vaulted cellar, which 3 spaces can settle up to 100 guests.

The smallest of the rooms has a capacity of 30 people, so you can organize smaller events with us.

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Celebrations according to your expectations

Dom Michalská Brána are spaces in the heart of Bratislava, which you will have all for yourself, so you don’t have to share them with other guests. The city center will provide you with a convenient location to meet. If you want to organize the event yourself, we will be happy to provide you with spaces with the possibility of consuming your own food and drinks. Our great team is also available to help you take care of everything.